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Customers section stores data about your clients and their transactions' details.

A new record is created when you enter the client's data in the invoice (Payment Invoice or Payout Invoice) through the dashboard or via the API (object customerdata). Merchant portal system identifies the client by a unique reference ID. If your site's backend identifies the customer, this ID must be exactly the same as the reference ID in our database.

Customer List

Customer entry contains all available data about a specified customer, including required Reference ID and additional Name, Email, Phone and others. Use the embedded metadata object to store any additional data you need.

Customer Data Entry

All transactions made by the client, you can find in Payment and Payout tabs.

Customer's payments

You cannot delete the entries because they are linked to transaction information. Still, data about inactive clients can be marked as archived so that only actual records remain in quick access.

Archive records are kept in a separate section but also can be supplemented with data in the same way as actual records. You can unarchive desired records at any time.