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Our testing environment provides an opportunity to make sure everything is working correctly. Use the information below to test your integration thoroughly before going live.

Test Mode and Test Keys

Always use test keys and test mode to test your API integration, payments and payouts. In these circumstances, we can relate your test actions to the test account, and they have no impact on the balances.

Test Mode

As a default, the switch-to-test-mode toggle is located under the side menu. If all integrations are completed (and you are sure you will not need to go to test mode), you can always disable the toggle in user profile settings .

Test mode off

Find test keys in the Integration settings : they always start with sk_test and pk_test prefixes.

Test Keys

Use them with the test mode to check safe and secure interaction with API.


Do not use real card numbers for test payments, and do not pay live orders, because not every payment method supports test-mode transactions and such transactions may harm your account balance.

Test Card Payments

To test card payments, you can use our Test connector and test card numbers. We also prepare a list of possible resolutions associated with an assigned expiry date.

Test Method

Card number CVV2 Expiry date 3DS Status code
5123817234060000 any defined * yes success (processed)
5519283812030000 any defined ** no success (processed)
4412397212080000 any defined *** yes fail (process_failed)
4302912837020000 any defined *** no fail (process_failed)

* Use any valid expiry date except 0777 for successful processing. And use 0777 to receive status pending (resolution auth_3ds_required) on reconciliation.

** Use any valid expiry date except 0777 for successful processing. And use 0777 to receive status pending on reconciliation.

*** Test different type of responses and Payment Retry function with 'unsuccessful' cards and relevant expiry date values:

Expiry date Resolution
0856 access_denied
0755 error
0654 provider_error
0553 unknown
0452 duplicated_transaction
0351 auth_fatal_error
0250 unable_to_determine_3ds_enrolment
0149 card_is_3ds_enrolled
1248 card_is_not_3ds_enrolled
1147 issuer_decline
1046 client_auth_failed
0945 provider_fatal_error
0844 invalid_details
0743 invalid_pin
0642 antifraud_error
0541 invalid_card
0440 fatal_error
0339 unable_to_reconcile
0238 invalid_amount
0137 limit_violation
1236 functionality_is_not_permitted
1135 invalid_request
1034 lost_or_stolen_card
0933 declined
0832 invalid_otp
0731 invalid_3ds_code
0630 invalid_card_status
0529 insufficient_funds
0428 card_expired
0327 invalid_cvv
0226 invalid_pan
0125 invalid_credentials

If testing, you specify for unsuccessful cards any other valid period, the expected resolution will be general_fatal_error.


The portal also allows configuring the appearance of the Checkout page and examining additional options of payment methods in the Sandbox .