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Checkout Guide: Integration Overview

We hope you already have a common understanding of how the system works and why you need to use Checkout. Now we will deal with Checkout API and its interaction features, as well as briefly explore possible ways to integrate Checkout into a website, application, web store or services like Smart TV.

Checkout works with accounts throughout Spoynt's ecosystem.

Ecosystem overview

Checkout payment page requires that you integrate the server-side REST APIs from the Spoynt environment and thus requires no client-side integration. The different APIs correspond to different Spoynt products and have some defined objects that interact with each other.

Checkout Preview

Interaction overview

Checkout Integration


Public API

Public API is responsible for providing payment services, payment methods available to an Account, creating Payment Invoice and obtaining general information about its status.

Private API

Private API provides full functionality for managing Payment Invoice, obtaining full information about it, producing a refund and payment cancel.

Callback Service

Callback Service is responsible for delivering an instant notification to Merchant Backend when changing the status of the Payment Invoice. This notification can be processed on the Merchant Backend side to launch further business logic for processing a paid order.

Merchant Frontend

Payment Invoice is initiated on the order payment step on the merchant side. It can be done both through Payment Widget and a simple redirection to Checkout with the necessary payment parameters for paying for the order.

Merchant Backend

Merchant CMS manages the order, initiates the payment, and processes Payment Invoice status changes.

How does it work

Technically, Checkout is a companion service to Spoynt Commerce that uses Spoynt Payment Gateway as a Payment Provider. You integrate one of these APIs to create a Payment Invoice and then use Checkout to accept payment from customers.

A complete payment process involves three of Spoynt's services:

  1. Checkout API: to distribute the Payment Invoice to merchant Customer
  2. Public API: to integrate to create a Payment Invoice
  3. Private API: to capture payment or refund the already created order


Learn more about integration methods: Payment Widget and Payment Link.