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Before you start interacting with Spoynt, you need to set up your profile and carry out a basic configuration of the organisation's account.

Ask your Spoynt Account Manager for registration. They will need your actual e-mail address to send a direct link to the registration page. Follow the link and insert your data.


Since then, Spoynt will use your registered e-mail for following communication about your profile and accounts.

Set Up Your User Profile

To easily use the Spoynt dashboard, we recommend to start by setting up your user profile.

Set your preferences about the locale language, date and time, and data format. Enable two-factor authentication as an additional layer of profile security.

Also, if you're a Telegram user, you can connect the info chatbot to your account.

Set Up Account

Basic Settings

In the settings section, you can fill in general information about the account, and copy and update API keys required for integration.

Customize Payment Methods

Spoynt separates the concepts of the payment system, methods and services.

Plus, we separate payments (i.e. incoming transactions) and payouts (i.e. outgoing transactions).

The methods' configuration section allows you to edit their display on the payment page, and to add the necessary metadata for transactions in invoices and Callbacks. Also, you can edit processing options that affect all connected methods for payments and payouts (severally).

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Defining Rules for Access

Every Spoynt account has an Owner as a default primary contact. The Owner has all managing permissions, can set up the account, invite colleagues and assign them roles, as appropriate.

To send an invitation, specify the e-mail, name and access level of the employee, and receive a link to register in the system.


Also, the account has Admin role with the same permissions except assigning themselves owner's role or managing the owner's account. Therefore, we recommend that you be cautious in granting admin access.

Read detailed info about these and other roles in the Access Control article or Access Roles section at the platform.

Switch Accounts

One user account can be a member of any number of organisations' accounts. To switch your accounts, click the button in the top left corner of the dashboard.

If you need to create one more account, send the request to our support team .


A special feature of Spoynt is the feasibility to activate test mode during provider integration. Try it and test connected payment and payout methods without undue risk.

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